Conversations for a Life Economy: The Podcast

We are in the midst of an emergency. It's not just the climate; it's us. 

Conversations for a Life Economy: The Podcast, is for those of us who are watching but who have not stepped up yet. For those of us who are advocating but tired. For those of us who are burnt-out and unsure but hopeful. 

This podcast extends on the project Conversations for a Life Economy (a video panel series hosted by EcoCiv on YouTube), and Reboot Conversations (Reboot the Future’s series of transformational private conversations hosted by founder, Kim Polman and high profile business leaders ). All together, these three projects engage participants about the intimate, personal values that feed their work towards a Life Economy. A Life Economy is a system that works for the wellbeing of all life on our planet.

The podcast features significant leaders working towards the goal of a Life Economy. It deep dives into the values and experiences that drive their work, the transformations they are working towards and the ways that listeners can succeed in their own initiatives in their own life.

The podcast series is available on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

Listen here