Founded in 2017 by Kim Polman and Stephen Vasconcellos, Reboot the Future is a registered charity (No. 1175117) with a mission to ignite the latent imaginal cell that resides within all of us.


    Motivated by the inspiration, leadership and commitment of our authors, our ambition is to build a wider movement of businesses and people inspired by the Imaginal Cells, committed to treating others and the planet as they would wish to be treated.


    Kim Polman


    Kim Strauss Polman was born in the US, and though starting her professional life in Arts Management, has been an environmentalist for many decades. Kim is a citizen of the world, and has lived in a number of countries. She enjoys playing cello in various ensembles, and organising concerts. Kim also oversees a charity dedicated to literacy for the blind and visually impaired in Africa. She has raised three sons with her husband. The Golden Rule has always been important to her.

    Stephen Vasconcellos


    Publisher of Salt magazine, and former CEO of Country Strategic, Stephen is a committed change agent and believer in a better world. Scottish born, with a multicultural background, he has lived and worked all over the world, specializing in the field of nation-branding, and working with leaders world-wide. He is motivated by a compassionate perspective and the aspiration that we all belong to one global family.

    Barbara Bulc


    Barbara is the founder and president of Global Development. She has over 20 years of leadership and advisory experience in international development, global health, diplomacy and the pharmaceutical industry, working with the private sector, governments, international organization and NGOs in Europe, the U.S, Africa and Asia. Barbara has been a driving force in catalyzing and developing innovative and transformational public-private partnerships in development with compassionate outcomes.

    Shelley Zalis


    Shelley Zalis is a data pioneer, having founded one of the world's largest, fastest-growing research companies. From the get go, Shelley has always made a stand for equality assuming the mantle of mentor and friend to other female industry leaders. Today Shelley is the mastermind behind The Female Quotient - a movement of over 10,000 corporate women and influencers worldwide across 55+ events, TFQ is the leading platform/destination for addressing equality for female leaders, and Shelley is a powerful voice for change.

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