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    The Golden Rule is universal, timeless and binding, manifesting itself throughout history at critical junctures. Here are just a few examples of this universal principle, and why we must consciously embrace it for a better world.


    Karen Armstrong on why we should embrace the Golden Rule

    The single most important principle to live by.

    Prince EA tells us why the answer begins with YOU

    The old world is ending, the seed for the new one is within each and every one of us.

    Robin Wright on the science and evolution of the Golden Rule

    Why it is important to live the Golden Rule, and not just affirm it. And why Nature deploys it as a successful strategy.

    Reboot's Kim and Stephen take their message to leaders at Davos

    Our book Imaginal Cells, Visions of Transformation is launched, alongside our social enterprise, Reboot the Future.

    Bruce Lipton on Imaginal Cells

    What happens when the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly. How the imaginal cells hold the vision for the transformation. And why this is the most powerful metaphor for our times.

    Love has no labels

    Love has no religion. Love has no race. Love has no gender. Love has no labels

    Faith Leaders Unite

    Let our differences unite us, not divide us.

    Inclusion starts with I

    Diversity ignites creativity, problem solving and innovation

    The indomitable Maya Angelou

    Love liberates. Do the right thing.

    Sheryl Sandberg, facebook COO on the platinum rule

    Taking the Golden Rule to the next level

    The one and only Mandiba

    Make poverty history. Equality is non negotiable.

    Your future depends on me

    When I thrive you thrive. Treat me well.

    I have a dream

    The definitive Golden Rule speech. I have a dream where my four little children will one day not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character

    Speaking out for girls' education

    We have to chose to speak up for what we believe in

    Our imaginal Al Gore on the case for optimism

    We will win this!

    The Dalai Lama on creating a meaningful life

    Nurturing the seed of compassion towards others is key to transforming our enemies

    Building coherent fields of neural intelligence

    The cutting edge of heart math science

    Beyond plastic?

    Let's rid the world of plastic pollutants. It starts with each and every one of us

    The lifecycle of a plastic bottle

    The journey to the great pacific garbage patch. Why your buying decisions matter.

    We the people

    We will live in a world where........

    A history of the golden rule

    From 1800BC - the highest universal principle

    The Charter for Compassion

    The essence of compassion is the golden rule

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