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    "The book is exquisitely curated. It’s a call to our better selves to nurture a future on our little planet. The more readers, the better the world."

    Roberta Baskin, award-winning journalist


    “Very occasionally a book gets published that has great intellectual appeal,

    but also speaks to the heart and soul.”

    Andrew White, Saïd Business School, Oxford University

    "One of the best, most comprehensive and incisive publications I've come across in a long while."

    Omar Fayed, Biotecture UK




    We stand at a crossroads in history, on a planet as brimming with opportunity as it is plagued by threats. We are challenged by rising inequality, volatile financial markets and ineffective political systems.


    The relentless drill of hyper-capitalism is hampering the planet's ability to regenerate.


    But in many ways there has never been a better time to be alive. Technological, educational and medical advancements and global communications promise a world overflowing of opportunity.


    Not just a better world, a remarkable world.


    Our converging issues may indeed be complex. But they also oblige us to reassess our relationship to each other and the planet we call home. In that sense the answer may be simpler than we imagine. What we need is a radical shift in mindset. That's why we are inviting you on a journey.


    We invite you to envision a future with the ancient Golden Rule at its core.


    This year, Peace One Day made a film with our co-Founder, Kim Polman, to discuss the concept of...
    While humans debate climate change and watch the plastic building up in our oceans, there are a...
    Over the past year since launching our book Imaginal Cells, readers around the world have been...

    Treat others and the planet as you wish to be treated

  • What We Do

    Our goal is to inspire people with the simple message of the Golden Rule.


    Our target is a change in global mindset. To make this happen we inspire, convene and resource.


    Supporting the Global Goals

    The Golden Rule as the unifying spirit of the Global Goals

    The Golden Rule is the ethos that underpins the Global Goals. We are working with global leaders towards adopting the Golden Rule as a new mindset. In doing so, we can build a world without poverty, where women are empowered, and where we can all participate in an inclusive circular economy with vibrant biodiversity, clean water and oceans.

    A New Narrative 

    Not just making sense of a complex world.

    Our first publication is Imaginal Cells: Visions of Transformation, a collection of essays by global thought leaders and change agents. This publication addresses the most pressing issues of our time, embracing the Golden Rule as the starting point, and offering the foundation for a new narrative and purpose. Order your copy by visiting the Buy the Book page.

    Talks & Events

    Promoting game-changing ideas

    Our story began with a high profile launch at the World Economic Forum in Davos with an audience of world leaders. We are following up with regular live talks and events, with our first annual summit planned in 2018. To hear about our latest news and events, please sign up to our newsletter through Contact Us.

    Sparking Activity

    Inspiring a new movement of Imaginals

    Our ambition is to support anyone, anywhere to take up the challenge of the Imaginals and to adopt the Golden Rule. We are developing a series of initiatives with business schools and the business community to inspire new leadership, as well as looking to grow a broader movement of Imaginals. Look out for our latest updates here.

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    Reboot the Future, Innovation Warehouse, 1 East Poultry Ave, Clerkenwell, London, EC1A 9PT
    07958 743 556
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