We transform how people connect to themselves, each other and the planet.

  • The Golden Rule: Treat others and the planet as we'd wish to be treated

    Our mission

    Our mission stems from the Golden Rule: an ancient wisdom that has been passed down through religions, cultures, and communities around the world over thousands of years.

Our pillars

  • In a world where most things tend to favor one side, Reboot the Future strives for balance. Balance embodies reciprocity, the type of kindness embedded within The Golden Rule, as well as the longing for equilibrium in the friction between self-gain and altruism.

    Gut-checking our decisions with the lens of balance will allow us to ensure all sides are considered with equal weight. If we knew that all decisions were coming from this place of balance, trust and equity would increase from all angles.

    It is through the Golden Rule that we can learn the ripple effects of living our lives in balance.

  • It is only from compassion that we can truly treat others and the planet as we’d wish to be treated because with compassion we feel the effects of that behaviour on either side.

    We are built to connect with one another and it is with compassion that we can do so as one human race, in solidarity with one another.

    At Reboot the Future, we seek to bring compassion front of mind so we can create a world where we all live and thrive, equally.

    Compassion is an evolved sense of empathy that we can use to discern how we want to move forward and if what we are doing is truly how we’d wish to be treated.

    It is a compass for acting in alignment.

  • To learn is to listen, to seek out new information, and remain open to change.

    Reboot the Future fosters learning at all ages, and is also always learning at an organisational level.

    We believe learning and listening are the building blocks for compassion & reciprocity- we must pause and put down our swords if we are to thrive together, and the first step of that is learning from one another.

    We must integrate what we heard if we are to progress and truly Reboot the Future. Doing something differently starts with listening and learning from a new perspective, and we are here to usher that step in no matter your starting place.

    To admit we have more to learn is connective, humbling, and exciting at the same time and we are constantly on this journey together.

  • Saying you’ll implement what you’ve learned is one thing, committing to aligned action is how change and progress actually happen.

    Reboot the Future strives to be a force behind global decisive action, giving us all the information and support we need to live in alignment with our values.

    Everything we point to on our site, in our campaigns and in our conversations points to something you can do, because we know that change is in the doing.

    We bring this to governments, to businesses, to schools and to all paradigms globally. If we want change, what can we do to get there?

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    Our people

    Our team is composed of inspired individuals coming together to create a better future for everyone.