Reboot's 2023 Annual Report

The 2023 Annual Review covers another extraordinary year at Reboot, reflecting a world which now seems fully emerged from COVID-19, but changed forever.

2023 saw the delivery of multiple projects, programmes, and campaigns at Reboot the Future, with notable achievements including the commission and premiere of the orchestral piece "Pangea" by Love Ssega in collaboration with the Philharmonia Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall for our Future Ancestors Campaign

The year was marked by significant international representation, from the Festival of Education at Wellington College to the V20 in Delhi, the Misk Global Forum in Riyadh, and the Anthropy conference in Cornwall. 

Highlights included hosting five trainees from the Misk Foundation, enhancing our team and fostering a valuable cultural exchange. Our pivotal campaign, Rebooting Education, engaged over 7,000 UK teachers to envision a sustainable learning ecosystem, culminating in a report launched at Anthropy and discussed at COP 28 in Dubai. 

Throughout, the support from our communities, sponsors like OCR, and the dedication of our staff were instrumental in advancing our mission to embed the Golden Rule globally.

2023 Annual Report

2023 Annual Report by Reboot the Future

The enthusiasm and support from Reboot's partners, supporters, board, and audiences have been crucial to our success this year. I am deeply thankful to everyone involved. A special thank you goes to our Imaginals and the dedicated Reboot team, who continue to propel our mission forward with an ideal mix of optimism and realism.

Reflecting on the journey since I joined Reboot, as this Annual Review goes to print, it has been just over four years. In that time, "Reboot the Future" has proven to be more than just our name; it encapsulates our ongoing commitment and the essence of our work.

Anthony Bennett, CEO at Reboot the Future

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