We are all connected.

When we look around us, we see that affluence in nature is created by coming together, connecting with one another.

An affluent is the space where a river flows into the ocean, and we believe that natural affluence comes from being stronger together and flowing with renewed resilience toward a common goal.

Join us in our quest to make an impact, together.

Small steps. Big changes.

  • Reboot the Future hosts an educational resource hub called Global Dimension - providing teachers with the tools they need to bring compassion, conversation and connection with other cultures into the classroom.

    This is a key element of the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 4 on Education, Target 4.7.

    Global Dimension provides educators with the tools to bridge the gap between their classrooms and a global community. Any educator, no matter what their subject, can inspire and empower their students to reboot the future.

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  • Listening is central to our core value of learning, as we know we must first actively listen if we are to absorb any new information.

    Join us in our Events & Conversations series where we are sharing viewpoints, learning first hand what is happening all over the world and coming together to make a difference.

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  • Join us on social media to see the latest from Reboot the Future and our partners, we’d love to connect.

  • Are you an artist, creator, or maker? Do you want to create work that makes an impact, connects people, introduces compassion to the conversation and prompts the audience to action?

    We are always on the lookout for new collaborators, from illustrators to videographers and poets & beyond.

    Email Dragana at dragana@rebootthefuture.org and let’s see what we can do together: