• The Golden Rule: Treat others and the planet as we'd wish to be treated

    Our mission

    To foster a new world where we treat others and the planet as we would wish to be treated

    Our mission stems from the Golden Rule: an ancient wisdom that has been passed down through religions, cultures, and communities around the world over thousands of years.

A mission rooted in nature

We are all connected.

In nature, an affluent is a stream or river that flows into a main stem river or a lake.

When we look around us, we see that affluence in nature is created by coming together, not from the divisive drive to “win” that seems to prevail our modern era. This is the force that helped us evolve.

There are examples of this everywhere we look, from the veins in our wrist to the brand new butterfly right outside our window.

Natural affluence comes from being stronger together and flowing with renewed resilience toward a common goal. When done right, its ripple effects can be felt for generations to come.

And while we all can be driven by our fight or flight instincts, our egos and the multitude of things that have brought the world to this point, we also have the capacity to switch gears and listen to our inner knowing.

The one that, like the river, always knows the way.

Reboot the Future strives to help uncover that inner voice, and remind us of the tools we all already have to move towards a better and more compassionate future for everyone.

We start with an ancient and simple message that stems from the Golden Rule, a frequency if you will: treat others and the planet as you’d like to be treated.

We strive to broadcast that frequency in every aspect of our lives, from our policies to our infrastructure, with the knowledge that if we have the courage to tune in, it will become our common universal frequency, one aligned with the natural world.

Our mission is reflected in our logo. At first you may notice that it looks like a butterfly. In all caterpillars lie dormant cells, called "imaginal" cells, which bring transformation - the vision of a better future. 

Its wings are concentric circles, an ancient design, representing the age of the Golden Rule - centuries old across all religions. The circles are open, which means that we are open and curious and want to listen to others, an important part of the Golden Rule. These open circles spread outwards: the ripples created by each of us impacting the world around us.