Conversations for a Life Economy

September 2021 marked the beginning of a valuable partnership between Reboot the Future and The Institute for Ecological Civilization (EcoCiv); holding dialogues between change agents and business leaders exploring ways our societies can realise a life economy. 

Our collaboration is based on the conviction that conversations have the power to transform the world, connecting people to their core values, their communities, and the planet.

Reboot the Future held a series of 6 private, transformative, conversations hosted by our founder, Kim Polman and high profile business leaders. 90 business leaders and 22 young changemakers explored shared and divergent values in a respectful space that encouraged deep listening; aiming to forge understanding, connection and inspire action to create bold changes towards a more compassionate and sustainable world.

The conversations encouraged exploration of 2 themes

  • ‘Wild Love’ - examines a Golden Rule approach to nature, and what it means to accord the natural world with the same respect as we wish for ourselves.
  • 'Deep Time’ - questions how we as a culture relate to time and what this means for life on earth and our own well-being.

EcoCiv engaged 23 leaders across business, private industry, government, and the non-profit sector to convene for public discussions. The project also features one-on-one conversations with individuals leading the life economy via our podcast series available on Spotify and Apple Podcast. 

8 public panel discussions were held, 4 of which were held in-person at COP 26, the 2021 UN Climate Conference in Glasgow.

Conversations for a Life Economy: The Podcast

The conversations have now extended into a podcast series. The podcast features significant leaders working towards the goal of a Life Economy. It deep dives into the values and experiences that drive their work, the transformations they are working towards and the ways that listeners can succeed in their own initiatives in their own life.

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