Reboot Conversations [2 Hours]

Collectively exploring the challenges we face in our world today, Reboot Conversations improve team cohesion and enable staff to learn new ways to listen, learn and create together. 


Reboot Conversations create time and a safe space for staff to consider and discuss their concerns and hopes when it comes to the big challenges we are facing in our world. Challenges that also affect who we are and want to be at work - disconnection, climate anxiety, and social justice issues. 

Our expert facilitators create a safe space to explore new ways of thinking, doing and connecting. They use a mix of inspiring theories, stories and questions to engage staff in group and paired conversations that build a deeper personal and collective understanding of concerns, hopes and desire for action.  


  • forge understanding and connection between team members
  • build an appreciation for each team member's unique experience and talents 
  • learn and practice 'human skills' - empathy, deep listening, non-judgemental interaction.
  • explore how team members' work through their organisation can have a positive impact on people and the planet.
  • inspire action to create bold changes towards a more compassionate and sustainable world

Course content 

Choose from the following themes:

  • Connecting with Nature:
    Participants look at their internal thoughts, emotions, loves, and fears. We explore a Golden Rule approach to nature, and what it means to accord the natural world with the same respect as we wish for ourselves.
  • Connecting with Others:
    Together, the team learns to create conscious connections with others; building empathy and courage that motivates compassionate action. We explore and try out new ideas, value and respect differences, find shared meaning, check in on emotions and needs and imagine new possibilities.
  • Living with purpose:
    There is a great longing within each of us for meaningful connection and engagement with the world. This workshop explores what is a uniquely meaningful life for each of us, the conventions we may need to challenge to bring it into being and how it serves the world.
  • Deep Time:
    We explore how we as a culture relate to time and what this means for life on earth and our own well-being. It is an invitation to open up to a new reality of time, explore the impact we hope to have on others and the planet in our lifetime and consider the ancestors we wish to be.

Who's this for?

For teams looking to improve team cohesion and build purpose-led ways to work towards a compassionate and sustainable future. 

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