Golden Month Campaign

Celebrating the universal principle of the Golden Rule during April 2024

April 5th marks Golden Rule Day, a time to reflect on the universal value of treating others and the planet with kindness.

A Month-Long Campaign 

Throughout April, engage with us through various activities, real stories, practical exercises, and inspiring examples that explore the significance of the Golden Rule in driving positive change worldwide.

A letter from Kim

Discover a heartfelt letter from our co-founder and chair, Kim Polman, as she shares her vision for a world guided by the Golden Rule.

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Including the planet in every act of kindness

At Reboot the Future, we believe in expanding this principle to include not just how we treat others but also how we care for the planet. 

Our CEO, Anthony Bennett, explains our unique interpretation and its connection to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), offering simple yet impactful examples of daily actions guided by the Golden Rule. 

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Question of the Month

Take a moment during April to ponder this question:

"If someone you know described how you treat people, what would you hope they say?"

Use it to spark conversations or personal reflections on kindness and empathy.

Listen to Insights

Don't miss insights from Kim Polman, Co-Founder & Chair of Reboot the Future, as she responds to this month's question. Listen now for thought-provoking perspectives.

Reflections Board

Explore real-life examples of the Golden Rule in action, showcasing individuals' and communities' views on kindness and compassion.

Spotlighting your insights

If you would like to showcase your insights, please answer this month's question, and your answer will be featured below as we build the Reflections Board throughout April.

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