Reboot Workshop [1/2 Day]

A creative half-day workshop to inspire your team to work collectively towards a better future for all.


Create time and space for your team to explore their concerns and aspirations for building a better world through the work that they do.

We use an engaging mix of facilitated conversations, deep listening, storytelling, and creative activities in indoor and outdoor spaces (UK only). 'Human skills' (empathy, listening, engaging in open, no-judgemental ways) are learned and practiced.


  • Staff feel more connected to their values, their colleagues, and with nature
  • Develop empathy through deep listening, reflecting understanding and gratitude
  • Gain fresh focus, ideas and energy to bring to their workplace.

Course Content

Explore a range of themes including:

  • Creating a work environment driven by purpose and meaning
  • Empathy and building connection

  • Approaching challenges with nature-based solutions in mind

  • Exploring our relationship with nature - what inspires us to act with reciprocity?

  • Acting now with care for future generations in mind

  • Exploring the values which guide the way we treat others and the planet 

Who's this for?

Reboot's half-day workshops are for teams looking for 1) an interactive and creative way to deepen their connection with their inner values, their colleagues and the environment and 2) to explore new ways to create a positive impact on people and planet through their work.

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