Reboot Lunch & Learns [1 Hour]

Learn about values-based leadership over lunch with our executive team.


Discover how leaders, and the companies they lead, can give more than they take in this bitesized talk and Q&A session that brings our executive leaders network to you, online or in-person (for UK customers). 

Our Lunch and Learn session is an opportunity to learn about the benefits of purposeful, compassionate leadership from our network of experts, drawing on 10 key values presented in our 2022 book 'Values for a Life Economy'. 


  • learn about the 10 key values that support a rich, broad and thriving company culture 
  • Listen, learn and ask questions on values-based leadership from our executive team 

Course Content

  • How can leaders go beyond economic value to ground their work in “values for a life economy” – a set of 10 human values that are grounded in people and the planet and not primarily in production and profits.
  • A guest author from one of Reboot’s books will share their views on how leaders, and the companies they lead, can show courage in order to give more than they can take.
  • Followed by a Q&A and complimentary books included.

Who's this for?

Reboot's Lunch and Learns are for busy teams looking to enhance their understanding of values-based leadership and ways to embed values in company culture. 

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