Reboot Conversation Series

Our dominant systems strive for individualism, control and consumption and as a result our connections are broken:

  • we numb in overwhelm to the needs of people and planet, ignoring calls from within us to act with compassion,

  • we can act with indifference, judgement or vilify those who are different to us, and exploit and damage our earth.

Each month, Reboot the Future carefully crafts and holds an online space where people can gather and explore their connections with ourselves, others, the natural world, and our relationship to time. ‘Reboot Conversations’ build safe spaces to tune into our inner voice: exploring values and ideas about the world and motivating those who attend to take compassionate action to build a better future. By bringing together diverse and thoughtful voices, we focus on true connection and how important it is for our future.

Each conversation is a respectful place where participants explore their personal values and their connection with themselves, others, time and the planet. Participants share their responses to questions, listen deeply to others and take the time to notice, explore and consider…’what am I being called to do?’

Our conversations reflect 4 key relationships where our connection is broken – the one we have with: ourselves, others, the natural world and time.


Align with your inner connection to self, what motivates you and how to be at your best.


Connect with others with a lens towards empathy and reciprocity, ensuring that everyone thrives together.


See yourself as a part of nature and allow for a new connection with the world around you to form.

Deep Time

Allow time to be a friend rather than a force to fight against and feel a deep connection to the past, present, and future of our planet.

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