'We Are Antarctica' Conversation Series

Reboot the Future has teamed up with filmmaker Jack Harries and Earthrise Studio, on an epic campaign to connect the world with Antarctica ahead of COP27. We’re calling it ‘We Are Antarctica’. While so far away, and so different to our everyday life, Antarctica’s challenges directly impact the rest of the globe.

We aim to shift people’s relationship with nature - from passive observer to active stakeholder in our planet’s future. Our hope is to create a road-map for a better future - one that utilises our unique gifts and feels relatable and relevant for people of all ages, backgrounds and geographies.

After watching the film, we guide you through a carefully curated conversation; a safe space to express yourself and listen to others talk about how we can feel more connection to ourselves, each other and the planet.

Each conversation will be different, exploring new questions each time. Join as many as you like.

You’ll work towards your very own “I will” statement that’s aimed to shake up any stagnation in your life and garner more connection with the world and people around you.

Join us!

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