Inspiring fresh thinking through nature connection

Stepping outside the norm, connecting with the landscape and others around you, can give you the physical and mental shift needed to lift your energy, access creative ideas and build connection.  

Last week, Reboot the Future delivered an inspiring session with The Crown Estate ‘Sustainability Team’, using time in nature to promote fresh thinking about how individuals can lead through connection, empathy and balance.

As we walked through Richmond Park in the late March drizzle, spirits were high, ideas were flowing and a quote replayed in my mind... 

The team explored the park with the mission to slow down, notice the life around them and look for teachings from nature. Together we curated a ‘Museum of Wild Teachings’, sharing lessons they had foraged on their walk, musing together on how they could apply such wisdom to their lives and work.

On a deeper level, these conversations and activities were building skills in deep listening and empathy, inspiring fresh thinking and creating a sense of connection and belonging in the team. Team members grew in their awareness of the power of drawing upon their care, concern and talents to build a more sustainable, equitable and compassionate world.

When we treat others and the planet as we wish to be treated, we realise we’re not alone 

Our words and actions affect others, and this effect is passed on and on, growing and strengthening with every person, lifeform and landform who comes into contact with us and carries our actions forward with them. We’re all connected. And the more we connect, the stronger we become to create change.

It was wonderful walking alongside this wet team, undaunted by the rain, feeling their energy and excitement for the future they are creating.

The team is now championing nurturing of new (and what can seem at first wild) ideas to flourish and the importance of ‘real’ conversations with colleagues to form deeper relationships. They plan to experiment with flexing the way they do ‘work as usual’ to explore the positive impact connection with nature can have on making choices for our future.

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