The Imaginals Award 2019

Reboot the Future are delighted to announce the beginning of a new partnership with Katerva, starting with the introduction of the Imaginals Award into Katerva’s catalogue.

In acknowledging the key Reboot the Future concept of ‘Imaginals’ (see below), one of Katerva’s 10 category winners will receive the award in June 2019.

Katerva is a prestigious, virtual awards programme with a mission to identify, evaluate and accelerate the efforts of the innovators committed to making our world a better place. Operating globally, Katerva want to find and accelerate the break-through ideas from Boston and Beijing to Toronto and Tel Aviv (and everywhere between).

Every year, more than six hundred individuals and organisations are reviewed through four filtering stages before two stages of focused review determine one winner from each category: Behavioral Change, Economy, Energy & Power, Environment, Food, Gender Equality, Human Development, Materials, Resources & Water, Smart Cities and Transportation.

In 2019, Reboot the Future’s co-founder and chair Kim Polman has joined Katerva's Awards Council.

The Imaginals Award will be presented to the category winner that demonstrates values and actions aligned with the Golden Rule - 'Treat others and the planet as you would wish to be treated.'

The challenges our planet now faces are have become indisputable. We may be the first generation to know that we are destroying the planet - but we are also the first generation to have the necessary tools and technology to change that harrowing fact.

Furthering this partnership, Katerva and Reboot the Future hope to inspire a new wave of leaders who have the will and want to change our world for the better – to become ‘Imaginals’. With a joint vision of a compassionate and sustainable world, the future looks promising for this partnership.