Our foundation: Looking ahead

2019 is shaping up to be an exciting time for Reboot the Future. We’ve started the year with a new core staff team as well as a new website, a new strategy and some high profile activities in the calendar.

Meet the new team

The future is now - Reboot has established its very first core team to help bring our vision to life. Our team is dedicated to the mission of building a movement of businesses and people who are committed to the Golden Rule as a guiding principle in their lives.

Catherine Stevens is the foundation's new Director, with 20 years experience as a leader in social justice and international development.

Joanna Milis, our new Global Education Project Manager, has 15 years’ experience working in the environmental and sustainability sectors.

And Jennifer McNeill has joined as the foundation’s Communications and Campaigns Officer, coming from a background in writing and content creation in both new and traditional media.

They join Reboot's co-founders as well as its Board of Trustees, both existing and as it grows.

Learn more about the team here

Our Strategy

Inspired by the leadership of the authors of our seminal book Imaginal Cells: Visions of Transformation, we will continue to promote The Golden Rule as an ancient guiding principle that can be understood and used by anyone, anywhere to motivate our own actions, and hold leaders to account:

Our foundation has two goals:

1. To build a network of leaders across government, business and civil society who:

Promote the Golden Rule as a guiding principle
Embed it as a guiding framework for their companies and institutions

Make it a prominent measure of success for their stakeholders

2. To create a social movement of people who:
Are inspired by the Golden Rule
Change the way they live and care for the world around them
Utilise the Golden Rule as a litmus test to hold those with power to account

What we achieved in 2018

Last year, we expanded our network of imaginal leaders through a high profile event with ONEHUNDRED - The Global Change Agency, which included in-person and virtual involvement from two of our Imaginals, Paul Polman and Al Gore.

We also acquired Global Dimension, a go-to platform for teachers, helping them educate young people and supporting the creation of global citizens ready to take action to support a more compassionate and sustainable world.

Visit Global Dimension

We have committed to taking on both the platform and supporting a very small team to curate the materials and the site. Our intention is to build this into not just a site for materials and global education but one that will be the link between the next generation in this country and humanitarian needs and efforts around the world; thus creating a generation of learners who care about and want their leaders to prioritise compassion and sustainability.

And looking forward, we are working on creative campaigns and initiatives with an array of partners. Watch this space!