• Kim Polman

    Kim Polman

    Co-founder and Chair

    Kim Polman is Co-Founder & Chair of Reboot the Future, whose purpose is to remind us that a better future is possible if we treat others and the planet as we’d wish to be treated. She co-authored a book on this very philosophy, Imaginal Cells, Visions of Transformation. The book embraces the Golden Rule as the starting point with which to collectively address the most pressing issues of our time. Her second book, a deeper dive into the Golden Rule, produced with Anthony Bennett is Values for a Life Economy. She is also Co-Founder and Board Member of the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust based in Kenya, dedicated to improving literacy for blind and visually impaired students in East Africa.In 2022 Kim received The William Howard Taft Medal for notable achievement from the University of Cincinnati.

  • Anthony Bennett

    Anthony Bennett

    Chief Executive Officer

    Anthony brings broad experience in the cultural, environmental and educational sectors. He is particularly interested in exploring the Golden Rule across the following fields: exploring the social value of our arts and heritage; how true reciprocity can lead to a sustainable and just transition; and how schools and young people around the world will be the true engines for change.

  • Rebecca Dove

    Rebecca Dove

    Director of Programmes & Partnerships

    Rebecca's background is in social enterprise, sustainability and international development. She has a track record of creating positive social and environmental impact across a wide range of organisations, from grassroots organisations in Africa to multinational business in the UK. Previous to Reboot the Future, Rebecca launched and grew the social enterprise of Hubbub Foundation as Managing Director. Rebecca is a Fellow of the On Purpose leadership programme.

  • Christine Neige

    Christine Neige

    Interim Operations Director

    Experienced Finance and Operations Professional with hands-on and strategic approach
    Supportive manager focused on people, outcomes and impact.

  • Sandy Glanfield

    Sandy Glanfield

    Programme Manager

    Sandy has had a number of roles over her career, starting out as a qualified occupational therapist (including at The Institute of Psychiatry). Since then, she has worked as Innovations Manager for the charity Empathy Action, and has led ‘LeadMore’ for She Leads Change - an online community to support members to connect with each other and explore key themes related to leadership. Sandy’s north star is using her open heart and creativity to spark kindness.

  • Dragana Brown

    Dragana Brown

    Executive Assistant

    Dragana has managed and has had a significant hand in successfully promoting an international educational charity in advancement of health and well-being education. For a few decades now, Dragana has been working with an array of some amazing, influential public figures and it is through her work and her rich life experiences that she has come to understand that a true marker of our evolution is not in what we achieve and amass, but rather it is in the quality of everything that we do and all that we communicate which ultimately makes a true hallmark we each bring to humanity.

  • Bruna Bertuzzi

    Bruna Bertuzzi

    Head of Marketing & Communications

    A dedicated Marketing Manager and Creative Projects expert with a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Bruna is committed to combating domestic violence, especially against children. Guided by a creative mindset and community-centric approach, she believes that empowering communities through trustworthy online information and ethical use of tech holds the key to driving substantial change in society.

  • Yvonne Aitken

    Yvonne Aitken

    Education Programme Communications Officer

    As a recent graduate with a Master’s degree in Human Security, Yvonne is passionate about finding her place and purpose in the pursuit of a better world for all. With a broad and interdisciplinary academic background, she is interested in fostering positive change in diverse and interconnected systems from conservation and agriculture through to justice and education.

  • Jennifer Stanford

    Jennifer Stanford

    Reboot Education Project Officer

    Coming from a humanities background, Jennifer's work is motivated by her passion for catalysing positive change within the education sector. She strives to work for organizations that prioritise the health and well-being of our planet and of the next generations. Since graduating two years ago, Jennifer has been dedicated to cultivating her interests in transformative and values-based education. She believes that integrating a greater emphasis on the development of soft skills and the search for one's purpose within traditional educational frameworks offers the opportunity to unlock the future generation's full potential.